Frequently Asked Questions

My dog doesn't know any commands. Can they still be photographed?

Absolutely! The best part about dog photography is just letting dogs be DOGS! Candids typically make for the best, most telling photographs. Candids aside, you can get very cute photos without commands...with squeaky toys and treats!

How many pictures will I get to choose from?

How many photos included in your gallery will depend on the type of session you invested in. A typical full-length portrait session results in anywhere from 20-50 photographs. Events will be up to 50. Weddings generally receive between 400 and 600 photographs. My philosophy is always quality over quantity!

Where are you located and do you travel?

I am located in Pendleton, NY, and I am willing to travel within reason. A travel fee may be applied for time and gas if it's a lengthy distance, but overall, I am more than willing to adventure with you as long as the request is reasonable and can be accommodated.

Will print packages be available?

Print packages are ALWAYS available for every gallery as soon as they are delivered to you! I do not offer a digital-only option. Package options may vary depending on the session. (Mini sessions are only 20 minutes, so you'll receive fewer photos overall; therefore a print package with 10 different print options isn't necessary!) All print package options will also include the entire gallery of edited, web-sized digital files, but do not include a print release. They are sized for social media sharing.

When and how will I get my photos?

You will receive an online gallery link for viewing within 3-4 weeks or less of your session (event/wedding galleries are delivered within 6-8 weeks). Once the gallery is delivered, you will be able to pick what package you would like to purchase and select the photos you would like in print. Once that is complete, you will receive the downloads of the photos you selected from your gallery in a link via email.

What does a session fee include?

There is a lot more to photography that meets the eye! Before a shoot, I talk to clients to find out what type of photos they are looking for... Do you want a posed photo of you and your pet to frame for the home you just built, or to capture your dog's goofy grin when he sees his favorite toy?
Maybe you're celebrating a milestone birthday! I have to scope out a location that will really make your all-black dog stand out against her backdrop, or to make sure your dog will be most comfortable for her photos. When you arrive on the day, we spend 45 minutes to an hour together. I take over 200 photos per session to guarantee a final gallery of at least 20-30 good photos! Selecting the photos and perfectly editing can take anywhere from few hours, to a few weeks!

Why do your session fees not include any digital files?

I opt to sell separate print packages to encourage clients to display their favorite photos in the form of high quality, professional grade prints, canvas, and framed artwork! By taking your photographs to a convenience store printer, you are doing a disservice to your photo and the work behind the perfect shots you paid for! You invest in professional photographs of your pets and your family, and I want you to get the best quality possible--because I work HARD on those photographs! By purchasing prints through my website, you are supporting a small business--you chose me to create timeless memories of your beloved pets and family members for a reason! I invest my time and hard work into creating the perfect collection of photos for you, and your business helps support me as an artist!

Do your print packages include a print release?

A print release allows you to print your photos for personal use through any lab of your choice while the copyright still belongs to me, but in order to guarantee the quality of my work, I do not offer any options for a print release. You are able to order any prints or products through your gallery with me, and if there is something specific you are looking for, we can work together to create it! This is both to guarantee the quality of the prints you receive and to uphold the quality of my work.

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