I'm a 26 year old photographer and dog trainer from Buffalo, NY. Virgo. Loves cheeseburgers and tattoos...oh wait. This isn't Tinder.

Okay, okay. On a serious note: My name's Alyssa. I am, in fact, a 26 year old photographer and dog trainer from Buffalo, NY. I do love cheeseburgers and tattoos, but I also truly love photography. In November of last year, I decided that I wanted to photograph more--dogs, to be specific. I scraped together money for a DSLR startup kit and set out to make the dream a reality.

My best friend and partner in crime, Amanda, and I decided to host a giveaway for a pet photo session--we received over 30 entries, and ended up giving away three sessions to build up a portfolio and gain more experience. Those giveaway sessions were the best decision I ever made!

Over the last year, I have photographed proposals, weddings, proms, birthday parties, holidays, family portraits, senior portraits, among a few other miscellaneous things. It was within this past year that I discovered what I was truly passionate for capturing with my camera: people with their pets. Whether it be an engagement shoot, a holiday session, or solo shots of their pet participating in dog sports--I love ALL THINGS ANIMAL!

I have developed so much as an artist, learned so much about myself and my camera, and met so many amazing people (and animals) since the start of this journey, and I hope you (and your dog!) will be the next!

Photographed by: Amanda Gon

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